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Patented technology Perfect lash (R) online seminar

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    Comes with kit, no model required

    Duration : 1-2 hours
    There is a follow-up (review) after the course

    It is necessary to fill in the license agreement before attending the course on the patented technology Perfect lash (R).
    Please read and understand the content of the license agreement above (pdf file will be downloaded) before attending.

    The patented technology Perfect lash (R) online seminar will be held using Zoom Meeting . Please install the mobile app and Zoom client for meetings before attending the class. EYELASH.BEAUTY.JAPAN will not be held responsible for any damages caused to students due to interruptions, delays, or cancellations of online seminars due to communication line, computer, or smartphone failures.

    The seminar price has been revised from May 20, 2022. As a result, the annual renewal fee has been discontinued. Thank you for your understanding.

    ~ Voices of students ~
    Thank you for the seminar! I took this course because I wanted to incorporate the highly sustainable false eyelashes technology that customers want in the future with Corona! I want to make it a salon that can win in the with corona era with the contents that are really convincing even in theory! Thank you for your follow-up after practice. I was worried that the online course would be difficult to understand due to problems with focus and image quality, but it was great that the materials and videos were easy to read, and I used LINE, sent images of me practicing wearing them, and checked them in detail! thank you very much.

    Flow until enrollment
        1. Please review the license agreement above.
        2. After confirming, proceed to the purchase screen from this page (you are currently viewing), and fill in the 3rd preference for the date you would like to attend on weekdays after 10 days from the date of purchase .
        3. Separately from the purchase completion email, you will receive a [Study Date Confirmation Email] within 2 days of the next business day *Please be sure to check it.
          Please confirm receipt of e-mail from If you do not receive it for a certain period of time, please contact us at the above address.
        4. The contract, kit, etc. have arrived (please check that there are no defects in the contents).
          Kits will be shipped sequentially after receipt.
        5. Please fill out the contract and other documents and return the necessary documents in the self-addressed envelope.
        6. Get ready for the online seminar. Please note that if the contract does not arrive by the seminar attendance date, it will be considered as cancellation and 50% of the tuition fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.


    ○Even if you live abroad, you can take this course. In this case, it is expected that it will take more time than usual to exchange the contract, so please present your desired schedule one month ahead. In addition, please note that the shipping fee in this case will be borne by the customer.

    ○ If you change the schedule for your convenience, we will charge ¥ 2,500 (tax included).

    ○ Patented technology PerfectLash (R) can only be taken by those who work at salons registered as beauty salons. Those who fall under any of the following conditions cannot attend the course.

    • Those who do not work at a salon (Issue a diploma in your personal name)
    • Those who are preparing to become independent (those who have not registered as a beauty salon, those who have not decided on a salon name)
    • Beauty student

      (It is not possible to purchase the product and the seminar at the same time. If you would like to purchase the product, please purchase the product again on this mail-order site after completing the application for the seminar.)
      Patented technology Perfect lash (R) online seminar
      Patented technology Perfect lash (R) online seminar

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