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Lash vitamins

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    Salon-only high-concentration eyelash serum

    It can be used for those with thin eyelashes, those who do not have firmness, and as a nutrition introduction agent after lifting. If you use it before applying extensions, weakened and dull eyelashes will turn into firm eyelashes, making it easier to apply extensions.

    ■ For extensions

    After cleansing the eyelashes, apply a generous amount from the roots to the ends, avoiding the roots. After applying and leaving for 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly with rush shampoo , wipe off with purified water, prepare and attach the extensions.

    *Can also be used for repairs.

    Lash Vitamin strengthens thin and weak eyelashes and replenishes the lost nutrients to increase the lasting power of extensions. Recommended for customers with a lot of downy hair and customers with thin eyelashes.

    ■ Lash lift

    After all the steps are completed, remove the glue on the eyelashes without removing the lot, then apply Lash Vitamin to wrap the eyelashes around the lot and leave it for 7 minutes. After leaving, wipe off with purified water and finish by coating eyelashes with keratin essence. Lash Vitamin will nourish perm-damaged eyelashes and prevent dust and swells at the ends.

    [Treatment method] ◀︎You can see it in the video

    [When mixing with eyelash perm] ◀︎You can see it in the video

    how to use ■After removing eyelash extensions → Wipe off the remover thoroughly, then wipe off the eyelashes again with warm water.
    →Apply Lash Vitamin evenly from the root to the tip of the eyelashes.
    → After leaving it for 5 minutes, wipe it off with normal purified water.
    → Preparing and attaching extensions [Finish]

    ■When using after lifting → After wiping off the 2-part coating, apply Lash Vitamin evenly from the root to the tip of the eyelashes.
    → Wipe off after leaving for 7 minutes
    Main ingredient 45% hydrolyzed collagen
    45% keratin
    10% water
    capacity 30g
    country of manufacture Japan
    Lash vitamins
    Lash vitamins
    Lash vitamins
    Lash vitamins
    Lash vitamins
    Lash vitamins


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