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Korean medical peeling pop up

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    Korean medical peeling  

    Diploma with phase model kit included


    Knowledge and explanation of each product used

    Counseling method

    Aftercare method

    3 patterns of treatment method practice

    *This will be a peer model between students.

    *Please come without makeup

    *Please refrain from using dermapen, peeling, etc. within 2 weeks.

    ●If you would like to take face waxing, please purchase this as well.

    ○Kit contents

    ・Milk cleansing ・Gel cleansing ・Herbal toner ・Soothing gel ・Light peeling gel ・Snow peel ・Herbal peeling 1 box ・PDRN HA serum ・PDRN EGF serum ・Collagen serum ・HA serum ・EGF cream ・Mela cream ・PDRN mask

    ○Date and time: Tokyo / November 6th (Monday) 12:00-16:00 Capacity: 1 person

    ○ Location: Tokyo venue/3rd floor, Step Aoyama, 2-5-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

    ○What to bring: Writing utensils

    ○Payment method: credit/transfer

    *If you wish to make a transfer, please select cash on delivery.


    Mizuho Bank

    Shibuya branch

    Ordinary account 3015149


    Representative Director Villiard Achemy Marie

    *Please complete the payment at least 3 weeks before the course.

    Also, once the transfer is completed,

    Please contact

    ●About cancellation
    Cancellation: 100% tuition fee

    Please pay as above. Please note.

    *Cannot be purchased at the same time as regular products

    Korean medical peeling pop up
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