[Updated] Regarding the use of points

Thank you for your continued patronage of Perfect Rush.
We will guide you on how to use your points.

■ How to use points
  • You can check and use your current points from the menu that can be opened by selecting the "[P]" mark displayed on the screen [lower right].
  • Points can be used from "Coupon exchange/history" in the menu.
  • Enter the number of points you want to use and select "Redeem points for coupon" to issue the coupon.
    • After issuing the coupon, if you select "Apply" on the coupon screen and shop, the discount will be applied on the checkout screen.
    • With the product in the cart, open the coupon screen and select "Apply" to move to the checkout screen and the discount will be applied.
    • Make a note of the issued coupon code, and enter the code in the coupon code input field at checkout to apply the discount.

■ Notes on using points

  • Coupons cannot be applied to shipping charges.
  • Multiple coupons cannot be used together.
  • Coupons once issued cannot be canceled.
  • If you use a discount coupon with an amount larger than the discounted amount, the amount that could not be applied will be lost.

■ About using Familyship points

  • For Gold members and Silver members, discounts are applied, so coupons cannot be used together due to the system. When using points, please enter the number of points you want to use in the "Special Notes" section of the cart. We will correct the amount here.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.