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Subscription: Volume GLUE

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    Please take advantage of this convenient regular service that delivers glue on the 10th of every month♪

    New subscription!

    If you apply for a subscription, your credit card will be charged automatically every month.
    Free shipping as a bonus! Of course, cash on delivery is also possible! (* A cash-on-delivery fee will be charged for those who wish to use cash-on-delivery.) 10% off regular price, 20% off after 6 months (7th time)!

    first time Until 15:00 on the day Same day shipping
    After 15:00 next day shipping
    2nd time onwards Regardless of the date of first purchase
    Delivery on the 10th of the following month

    Cancellation/cancellation of subscription

    My page Please cancel by yourself. Please note that you cannot cancel the contract if you have less than 6 times since you applied.

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    Products cannot be changed after purchase

    Glue recommended for those who like quick-drying

    [When using VOLUME LASH]

    It feels smooth when used, so if you do not use cleanser , use as little as possible and adhere within 3 seconds. Do not let go until the glue dries, and hold it with the tweezers (approximately 10 seconds or more).

    If you are using a cleanser , please adhere within 3 seconds after removing the glue without worrying about the amount. By using a cleanser , the lasting power will be increased and the drying speed will be faster, so you can remove it from the tweezers in 3 seconds after attaching it to the eyelashes.

    [When using with CLASSIC LASH & FLAT LASH]

    If you want to slide, make a state where there is one ball, go back and forth twice, slide it, and then glue it. In the case of dot attachment, it is best to stick without a ball, so let's glue it as it is without making a ball.

    <1 Point Advice>

    By using a solid rush shampoo , the cuticle spreads and becomes easier to adhere.

    Eyelashes that slip during adhesion can be prevented by wiping the lashes with a lash cleanser and secondly with a coating primer .

    Main ingredient ・Ethyl cyanoacrylate ・PMMA
    ・Hydroquinone ・Carbon black
    capacity 5g
    Appropriate temperature 20-25 degrees
    Proper humidity 50-60%
    Period of use After opening: 1 month Unused: 2 months
    country of manufacture Korea
    Curing speed about 1 second
    Sustainability 6-7 weeks
    viscosity 150 mPa.s
    Precautions for use ・Do not apply directly to the skin.
    ・If it adheres to the skin, avoid removing it forcibly, and slowly remove it with hot water of about 40 degrees.
    ・If it gets into your eyes, it may damage your eyes, so do not rub your eyes.
    Never use remover, etc.
    Handling method ・After use, be sure to hold the container and remove the air inside, wipe off the glue on the tip of the nozzle, and tighten the cap.
    ・Store in a cool, dark place with the cap tightly closed and placed in an aluminum pouch.
    ・Do not store in a hot and humid place.
    ・Before using the glue, shake the container firmly for 10 to 15 seconds to mix the glue inside the container.
    * Hold the cap of the container and shake it left and right to mix.
    Subscription: Volume GLUE
    Subscription: Volume GLUE
    Subscription: Volume GLUE
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