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vegan treatment

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    Since this is a product for professional use, please use it only if you have a hair salon license, have experience using it, or have taken a technical course. Please purchase and use the product at your own risk. We are not responsible for any accidents caused by misuse.

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    Eyebrow setting agent containing NMN

    how to use Agent 1: It will begin to soften by 70% to 80% after being left on for 6 minutes, so please use it according to the condition of your eyebrows and your preference.
    ・6 minutes for a soft finish ・8 to 10 minutes for a hard finish
    2nd drug: Leave it on for 2 minutes longer than the 1st drug.
    component [Vegan Treatment I]
    Water, cetanol, arginine, cysteamine HCI, ammonium bicarbonate, ceteth-40, steartrimonium chloride, ammonium thioglycolate, ceteth-10, isopropanol

    [Vegan Treatment II]
    Water, sodium bromate, cetanol, ceteth-40, steartrimonium chloride, ceteth-10, isopropanol, amodimethicone
    capacity 15g each
    vegan treatment
    vegan treatment
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