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Vegan lamination Set (1 agent, 2 agents)

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    Since this is a product for professional use, please use it only if you have a hair salon license, have experience using it, or have taken a technical course. Please purchase and use the product at your own risk. We are not responsible for any accidents caused by misuse. ▶︎Terms of Use

    [Features of vegan lamination]
    It is gentle on eyelashes and does not contain any animal-derived ingredients, so it can be used by people with animal allergies. Leave time for normal hair and soft hair for 10 minutes. For thick eyelashes, leave it on for 12 minutes, but if it is difficult to soften, we recommend reapplying. This setting agent is recommended for customers who continue to apply lash lifts every month. Furthermore, by using it with a balm , you can minimize damage to your eyelashes.

    how to use 1 agent: Soft hair: around 8 minutes, normal hair: around 10 minutes, stiff hair: 12 minutes *If it is difficult to soften even after 12 minutes, wipe off the agent once with a dry cloth and reapply it for about 3 minutes, keeping an eye on it until it softens. Please check your condition.
    2 agents: soft hair/around 10 minutes, normal hair/around 12 minutes, stiff hair/14 minutes
    capacity 30g
    Expiration date After opening: Approximately 2 months Unopened: 6 months *Please use as soon as possible after opening
    Number of uses Serves approximately 60 people
    Country of manufacture Japan
    Vegan lamination Set (1 agent, 2 agents)
    Vegan lamination Set (1 agent, 2 agents)
    Product review: ( 4 )
    まつ毛パーマがいつもしみるというお客様、はじめてしみなかった!と喜んでいただきました^ ^
    投稿日: 2024/02/23 by yu
    投稿日: 2024/02/20 by
    軟化速度などは個人差があり好みが別れるとは思いますが、使い慣れているのと、液が程よい硬さ 1液と2液の薬剤が少し違うので塗り間違えもあまりないと思います!

    投稿日: 2024/02/05 by
    投稿日: 2024/02/02 by ame

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