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Volume Rush-SABLE MIX 4box SET / 0.05mm

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    It is advantageous MIX 4 case set.
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    Sable with a natural finish and superb softness. The lash tapers from the root to the tip, but the appearance changes depending on where you start to taper. This sable is thinner from near the root, so it has a more natural finish. The curl and length are indicated on the sheet, making it even easier to use.

    number of columns 14 rows
    7 mm/1 row, 8 mm/1 row, 9 mm/2 rows, 10 mm/3 rows, 11 mm/3 rows, 12 mm/2 rows, 13 mm/1 row, 14 mm/1 row
    The thickness 0.05
    Number about 8,900
    curl J,C,CC,D
    Material PBT (polybutylene terephthalate)
    country of manufacture Vietnam
    volume lash technique Compatible with all types
    Notes Our eyelash extensions are hand-made in a complex process. Therefore, the curl, thickness, and length may be uneven, but please note that there is no problem with the quality.
    Volume Rush-SABLE MIX 4box SET / 0.05mm
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