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Lash Stick C

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    Flat type lash stick.
    The tip is so soft that it bends, and the flat shape fits the eyelashes. Since it can be pinched perfectly, dirt can be removed firmly. The tip can be removed and replaced.

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    Refill (contents) 3 to 10% OFF
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    Rush chip

    capacity 100
    size Total length: 95mm tip: 15mm
    Notes For hygiene reasons, please avoid repeated use.
    The refill does not come with a clear case.
    * We also recommend replacing the tip that is sold separately.
    Lash Stick C
    Lash Stick C
    Lash Stick C
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    投稿日: 2024/02/07 by em
    投稿日: 2024/02/06 by リエル

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