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    This glue has the smoothest feel among the Perfect Lash glues.

    It dries to the inside in 2 hours, so there is no need for a finishing coating.

    Oil cleansing is also possible.

    [Usability due to technology]

    See product description like VolumeGlue

    Main ingredient ・Ethyl cyanoacrylate ・PMMA
    ・Hydroquinone ・Carbon black
    capacity 5g
    Appropriate temperature 20-25 degrees
    Proper humidity 50-60%
    Period of use After opening: 1 month Unused: 2 months
    country of manufacture Korea
    Curing speed Approximately 0.5 seconds at the appropriate amount
    Sustainability 4-5 weeks
    viscosity 100 mPa.s
    Precautions for use ・Do not apply directly to the skin.
    ・If it adheres to the skin, avoid removing it forcibly, and slowly remove it with hot water of about 40 degrees.
    ・If it gets into your eyes, it may damage your eyes, so do not rub your eyes.
    Never use remover, etc.
    Handling method ・After use, be sure to hold the container and remove the air inside, wipe off the glue on the tip of the nozzle, and tighten the cap.
    ・Store in a cool, dark place with the cap tightly closed and placed in an aluminum pouch.
    ・Do not store in a hot and humid place.
    ・Before using the glue, shake the container firmly for 10 to 15 seconds to mix the glue inside the container.
    * Hold the cap of the container and shake it left and right to mix.
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