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Epi Milano Wax

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○ commodity explanation

Epi Milano wax is an Italian wax.

A cream-like wax that can be used all over the body, from the face to the toes and VIO.
It contains a lot of beeswax and is soft, so it is easy to get entangled in hair and cleanly removes fine to thick hair. When you use it, you will feel less pain during the treatment and less redness after the treatment than other waxes.

○ All ingredients

Glyceryl rosinate Triethylene glycol rosinate Beeswax (ethylene/VA)
Copolymer Paraffin Titanium Dioxide Liquid Paraffin Red 202

○Capacity: 800g


Do not use immediately after dermapen or cosmetic dermatology procedures that place an excessive burden on your skin. If you use it, please wait 3 weeks before using it.
We recommend that you do a patch test before using this product on people with sensitive atopic skin or allergies.

Epi Milano Wax
Epi Milano Wax
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