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Subscription: Lock GLUE 300

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    Please take advantage of this convenient regular service that delivers glue on the 10th of every month♪

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    If you apply for a subscription, your credit card will be charged automatically every month.
    Free shipping as a bonus! 10% off regular price! 20% OFF from the 6th half year (7th)!

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    The industry's first "collagen-containing" glue!

    Collagen prevents lash damage.

    Quick-drying speed 1 second, complete curing in 5 minutes!

    Once you LOCK it, it won't leave your eyelashes!

    300 millipascal is slightly viscous, so it is easy to wrap and has a high persistence.

    Recommended for classic flat slides.

    This product does not use organic solvents.

    [Usability due to technology]

    See product description like VolumeGlue

    *Bottle specification change* [2019/10/28]

    In order to deliver fresh glue, it will be delivered with the nozzle part blocked. Open with the included pin and shake well before use.

    Subscription: Lock GLUE 300
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