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Lash treatment

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    This is the basic pretreatment agent in Perfect Rush.
    Since it has a low alcohol content, it is gentle on the eyelashes and can be wiped off close to the roots.

    [Recommended usage]
    After cleansing the lash shampoo with purified water, use a cotton swab to clean the eyelashes. It will increase the adhesive strength of the glue!

    how to use Apply to a cotton swab and wipe off the lashes.
    component hydroalcohol propylene glycol
    pH value 5.0 weakly acidic
    capacity 15ml
    country of manufacture Korea
    Storage method Store in a cool place out of the sun
    Notes Please be careful not to get it in your eyes directly.
    Lash treatment
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    投稿日: 2021/04/16 by 佐藤幸代

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