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Volume GLUE まとめ10個

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    ■Glue recommended for those who like quick drying

    [When using VOLUME LASH]

    It has a smooth feel, so if you are not using cleanser , use as little as possible and apply the adhesive within 3 seconds. Be sure to hold on to the tweezers and wait until the glue dries (approximately 10 seconds or more).

    If you are using a cleanser , remove the glue without worrying about the amount and then glue it within 3 seconds. By using a cleanser , the staying power will be increased and the drying speed will be faster, so you can remove the tweezer in 3 seconds after adhering it to your eyelashes.

    [When used with CLASSIC LASH & FLAT LASH]

    If you are going to slide it, make sure there is only one ball, slide it back and forth twice, and then glue it. When making dots, it is best to do so without beads, so just glue them together without making any beads.

    <1 point advice>

    By using a proper lash shampoo , the cuticle will spread and become easier to adhere to.

    To prevent eyelashes from slipping during adhesion, wipe them with a lash cleanser and then wipe them with a coating primer to prevent them from slipping.

    main component ・Ethyl cyanoacrylate ・PMMA
    ・Hydroquinone ・Carbon black
    capacity 5g
    Appropriate temperature 20-25 degrees
    Appropriate humidity 50-60%
    Period of use After opening: 1 month Unused: 2 months
    Country of manufacture South Korea
    curing speed Approximately 1 second
    Sustainability 6-7 weeks
    viscosity 150mPa.s
    Precautions for use
    • Do not apply directly to skin.
    • If it gets on your skin, avoid forcing it off, and take your time with hot water at about 40 degrees to remove it slowly.
    • If it gets into your eyes, it may damage your eyeballs, so do not rub your eyes; rinse thoroughly with clean water several times and seek medical attention from an ophthalmologist. Please never use remover etc.
    How to handle
    • After use, be sure to press the container to remove the air inside, wipe off any glue stuck to the nozzle tip, and then tighten the cap.
    • Tighten the cap tightly and store in the aluminum pouch in a cool, dark place.
    • Do not store in hot and humid places.
    • Before using glue, shake the container firmly for about 10 to 15 seconds to mix the glue inside the container. *Hold the cap of the container and shake it from side to side to mix.
    Volume GLUE まとめ10個
    Volume GLUE まとめ10個
    Volume GLUE まとめ10個
    Volume GLUE まとめ10個
    Volume GLUE まとめ10個
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