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X GLUE まとめ5個

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    This glue has the smoothest feel among the Perfect Lash glues.

    It dries to the inside in 2 hours, so there is no need for a finishing coat.

    Oil cleansing is also possible.

    [Usability due to technology]

    Please see the product description as well as VolumeGlue .

    main component ・Ethyl cyanoacrylate ・PMMA
    ・Hydroquinone ・Carbon black
    capacity 5g
    Appropriate temperature 20-25 degrees
    Appropriate humidity 50-60%
    Period of use After opening: 1 month Unused: 2 months
    Country of manufacture South Korea
    curing speed Approximately 0.5 seconds at appropriate amount
    Sustainability 4-5 weeks
    viscosity 100mPa.s
    Precautions for use
    • Do not apply directly to skin.
    • If it gets on your skin, avoid forcing it off, and take your time with hot water at about 40 degrees to remove it slowly.
    • If it gets into your eyes, it may damage your eyeballs, so do not rub your eyes; rinse thoroughly with clean water several times and seek medical attention from an ophthalmologist. Please never use remover etc.
    How to handle
    • After use, be sure to press the container to remove the air inside, wipe off any glue stuck to the nozzle tip, and then tighten the cap.
    • Tighten the cap tightly and store in the aluminum pouch in a cool, dark place.
    • Do not store in hot and humid places.
    • Before using glue, shake the container firmly for about 10 to 15 seconds to mix the glue inside the container. *Hold the cap of the container and shake it from side to side to mix.
    X GLUE まとめ5個
    X GLUE まとめ5個
    X GLUE まとめ5個
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